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  October 12, 9:00 am, there are still 48 hours before the official rush to the Zhejiang Zhuji Division.


   Jiangsu Kendia Basketball Club held a mobilization meeting for the 2020-2021 season. All players and coaches, club management and the head coach of Jiangsu Basketball Sports Management Center Hu Xuefeng attended the event.


   The mobilization meeting was held in Shanghai. Due to the epidemic, the club decided to keep everything simple and low-key, and did not hold a public new season conference. On the day before (11th), Kendia Men’s Basketball Team played a warm-up match with the home team Shanghai Jiushi. This was also the last warm-up opponent before the start of the new season. Both teams played in the Chinese class. Kendia's men's basketball team was slow to enter the state, the defensive end was not focused enough, and many rebounds were lost. The Shanghai team opened all three points, and the team trailed by 26 points at the end of the third quarter. After the start of the fourth quarter, the players gradually recovered their state. They performed on both offensive and defensive ends. At one time, they had an 11-0 attack wave, but they owed too much debt and eventually lost to Shanghai 82-97.


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   With this game, the mobilization meeting has become more targeted. Hu Xuefeng first let the players talk about what the team should show in the new season. It was the turn of the "veteran" Shi Hongfei. He bluntly stated that the team's rhythm and speed were too slow in the previous game. "Although we have some gaps with other teams, as young players, no matter what opponent we play, we must dare to fight. , Use enthusiasm and physical ability to beat the game." The players also expressed their opinions. The newly recruited Wu Yujia said stiffly, "We will become such a team in the new season. We will not be afraid of playing or dragging down. We can lose but we cannot. Hand in the gun, we are going to become a tough bone!"

有了这个游戏,动员会议变得更有针对性。胡雪峰首先让球员们谈论球队在新赛季应该表现的东西。轮到“老将”施洪飞了。他直言不讳地说球队在上一场比赛中的节奏和速度太慢。 “尽管我们与其他球队有一些差距,但作为年轻球员,无论我们打什么对手,我们都必须敢于战斗。要用热情和身体能力来击败比赛。”球员们也表达了他们的意见。新入职的吴玉佳僵硬地说:“我们将在新赛季成为一支这样的球队。我们不会害怕打球或拖拽。我们可以输但我们不能。交枪,我们将变得艰难骨!”

Hu Xuefeng quoted the allusion of the king of Yue Goujian: "If you want to pay for it, you can swallow Wu for three thousand more. All good things start with a firm belief. Together, we must do things that are not easy. We must be firm in our beliefs and cannot be shaken!" In addition, he mentioned the requirements of the "Jiangsu Spirit": "If you have faith, you must have a sense of responsibility. Everyone must dare to take responsibility, be able to take responsibility, be responsible, and be good at taking responsibility! Everyone is wearing Jiangsu basketball jerseys and training The spirit of Jiangsu must be embodied in China and on the field!"

胡雪峰引述岳苟建国王的寓言:“如果你愿意为此付出代价,你可以再吞下三千多吴。所有美好的事情都始于坚定的信念。我们必须共同做一件不容易的事情。我们必须坚定信念,不能动摇!”此外,他还提到了“江苏精神欧洲杯买球平台”的要求:“如果有信仰,就必须有责任感。每个人都必须敢于承担责任,能够承担责任,负责任和善于承担责任。 !每个人都穿着江苏篮球球衣并接受训练。江苏的精神必须体现在中国和现场!”

Head coach Li Nan, who is about to usher in the CBA debut as head coach, emphasized: “Going all out and dare to fight is the minimum standard, and we have to work hard. Everyone must remember that we come to participate in the competition to win. If you lose the ball, you can’t train young players!" He also set goals for himself and for the team, "I am a person who likes to challenge, and you also like to challenge, so the goal I set for everyone is to achieve this year It must be better than last year, and each of you must be better than in the past."


The club’s general manager Shi Linjie said: “At present, the procedures for the two foreign players are still being processed. The big foreign players should be able to catch up with the end of the first stage, and the small foreign players will definitely miss all the first stage matches. But these difficulties cannot be ours. Excuse, you are young, and your desire to win should be stronger. Head coach Hu Xuefeng's "Way Salary and Taste the Bold" is very well put forward. Everyone must have firmer beliefs and suffer more from the efforts of others before we can talk about a possible bright future!"


  The future is built with a little progress from game to game.


  On the day following the mobilization meeting (No. 13), Kendia men’s basketball team played against the Shanghai Jiushi team again. As soon as the player changed his slow-heating state, he quickly entered the attack mode, the offensive end was tough, and the defense end focused. Until the end of the quarter, still leading the score, but the Shanghai foreign aid Fredette who debuted in this game hit 3 consecutive three-pointers, reducing the difference to 5 points. Kendia men's basketball rookie Zheng Qilong performed tough, layup 2+1, scored 5 points to respond. However, the Shanghai team hit 2 three-pointers to overtake the score, and Pankendia finally lost 95-98. In this game, the team's momentum and vitality were affirmed by the coaching staff.

动员会议后的第二天(第13号),肯迪亚男子篮球队再次与上海久石队比赛。一旦玩家改变了自己的慢热状态,他便迅速进入进攻模式,进攻端强硬,防守端集中精力。直到本季度末,仍然领先得分,但是在本场比赛中首次亮相的上海外援弗雷德特连续三分命中三分,将分差降至5分。肯迪亚男篮新秀郑其龙表现强悍,上篮得分2 + 1,得到5分来回应。然而,上海队打出2个三分球超过了得分,潘肯迪亚最终以95-98输了。在这场比赛中,教练组肯定了球队的动力和活力。

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   On October 14, Kendia men's basketball team will go to Zhuji, Zhejiang to make final preparations for the 2020-2021 CBA League season. The new season, we are here!


   Suzhou Kendia regular season first stage schedule


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